Set in amongst Architectural excellence, this cubist style new build is no stranger to the vernacular of charred cladding. A beautiful property perched in-between the Church Walk Studios and adjacent property.

Clear Charred timber

Sharp, edgy and contemporary with simple forms make you extract the most from the aesthetic of this property. While the geometry is exact and with so much to examine from your first glance you realise the complex nature of the structure. Balconies overhung by the cantilevered upper floor, more complex than meets the eye.

As a result the sheer black cladding appears to float from the concrete hard landscaping to the front of the property.

The designer said “Light in colour, a hint of brutal and whilst simple in design, this landscaping is quite brilliant”

Clear Charred timber

What materials did we use?

The cladding, made from cedar is from the range by Shou Sugi Ban® and called “Clear Charred Cedar” Dentō yakisugi – 伝統焼杉

The Cross Laminated Timber structure was constructed in less than 5 days, it seems to be more properties are being manufactured from this material. It is efficient in terms of cost and build labour time… it’s like a jigsaw of huge panels craned into position.

Clear Charred timber

Main Contractor          Craft Design

Architect                       MAD – Atelier

Cladding Installer      Exterior Solutions Ltd.