Charred doors with meticulous attention to detail have been designed, manufactured and installed for this new project. The Derbyshire based door specialist has been using an array of exciting materials for many years. Further to this, they have emerged as the “go to” manufacturer for charred timber doors.

Shou Sugi Ban Charred Accoya Door

The exciting custom-designed frames are made to accommodate the most stringent of regulations.

There are many other projects which are as equally exciting of which I am sure we will be reporting back with in due course.

The cladding creator Exterior Solutions Ltd has been hand made for many years under the brand ShouSugiBan® and is manufactured in the UK. Furthermore, there are many distributors involved with these products with Real Doors Ltd being at the vanguard of door manufacturing.

charred accoya door

Karl Harrison said, “Look at the attention to detail, the timber here is a perfect match to the quality of the door metal fabrication. Just look at those hinges!”.

If you’re considering a door with a contemporary or even a charred finish, do contact Real Doors Ltd as they are the experts. Interior and exterior doors for all projects… they can also fire rate them, a very important asset to homeowners.

charred timber shou sugi ban yakisugi door

Architectural Charred Accoya® Doors by Real Doors Ltd

Watch this space for more updates and door news…

Credits and Further Information

Material Accoya® Graphite – Seizō
Project Real charred doors
Designer Real Doors Ltd
Photo credits Nukshi Velebny