Big Shed Garage & Office Block 2020


To complement the Big Shed development, a smaller garage and office block has been constructed next to it. In-keeping with the original architectural design ethos, we went for exactly the same look and finish as the Big Shed.

The attractive office is constructed of Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs), giving it a high Eco standard, and is finished with brick, enhanced grain timber cladding, zinc roof and aluminium windows. This commercial unit enjoys rural field views and is designed with sustainable and ecologically friendly features making it both attractive in design and an ideal working environment. Four years on and the older kebony on the Big Shed still looks as good as the new installation on the garage which we are really happy with.


The client said,

“Set on a previous farm in Rugby, Warwickshire, what was once an abandoned agricultural tin shed, BoBen Construction went about converting the building into 3 individual family homes. We wanted the look to reflect and pay homage to its history, opting for a slightly industrial look both on the interior and exterior. We wanted a slightly weathered grey/silver wood from day one, rather than waiting for the natural process of wood to weather over the seasons. We chose ‘kebony enhance grain stained grey’ from Exterior solutions. We were very impressed with the product and extremely pleased with the outcome and can highly recommend.”


Credits and Further Information

Project Big Shed Garage & Office Block 2020
Location Rugby
Designer Boben Construction
Installation Boben Construction
Flooring Hijo Ni Mirikiteki Na