Exterpark Magnet decking is a screw-less decking system and when coupled with Accoya® you have a synergy of materials at the highest end of the decking spectrum.

Magnet Deck
Accoya® Decking for Ugly House to Lovely House

The Architect working on a TV show for Channel 4 called Ugly House to Lovely House had created a state of the art concept terrace to the rear of the property, glass, stainless and with a substantial cantilever. The original cost for the concept exceeded the budget for the whole project. With the decking being an important part of the project they needed a solution.

George Clarke said “I think we need a decking expert” so Karl Harrison was asked to provide a solution.“No compromise needed here”, a phrase often used by Karl when phased with similar projects.

By removing the stainless-steel structure and creating a decking terrace that appears to float would be achievable in other materials, the cost would be reduced by 80% and realistic. The decking was redesigned and a sensible, within budget, proposal was welcomed by the clients.

The decking concept was to have several areas in one space. However, once the decking plan was laid out it was soon realised that the client wanted more. A BBQ area is most important as well as a lounge area and an area to dine outside.

Magnet Deck
Accoya® Magnet Decking painted grey

The plan was to take this redesign and add to the lower level and extend this, creating a formal dining space. The upper terrace was also changed. The angles allowed for a transition across the terrace without having to step down and back up again. We were able to make the decking appear to float because we painted the structure to include the support posts in a black Solid Colour Stain by Owatrol.

Consideration had to be for the dead load as the balustrade weighed in at over 1200 Kgs. With the raised decking structure already at 4kN this was easy to achieve. The live load or “quasi-permanent variable actions” were already accounted for during the structural design.

Exterpark Magnet decking was certainly the best choice for this decking project because the client didn’t want to see any screws and the Magnet fixing system doesn’t use any screws. The magnet tracks made from aluminium are simply laid over the timber structure and tacked into place. This process took less than a day. The Accoya® decking had been profiled to receive the clips which take seconds to fit as do the decking boards… the boards can then be removed, in seconds, for access should this be required.

Magnet Deck
Aluminium decking structure by Exterpark for Magnet decking

There is only one choice for the decking material and that is Accoya®. A modified timber which due to the patented acetylation process is warranted against rotting for a minimum of 50 Years. Natural Accoya® decking is a light blond colour and can easily be oiled or painted over to enhance the colour. In this instance, Karl chose a beautiful light Grey colour.

Owatrol manufacture marine grade timber oil and paints and have a wide range of colours, the choice of grey decking paints is extensive. Warranted for 5 years against peeling and fading once correctly applied to the decking, it will look great for years with almost no maintenance.

Magnet Deck
George Clarke’s Ugly House to Lovely House
Credit: Amazing Productions and Channel 4  picture’s.