Bringing elegance to a new level, inspired by traditional English Architecture in addition to beautiful Japanese styling. This stately Georgian period property demanded a combination of modern and orderly dynamic with accents from an oriental style.

English Oak Shou Sugi Ban®

Leading up to this project the designer was asked “do you have a sensible idea for the rear cladding of the building?”… Furthermore they said “I’d love to use Japanese style charred cladding but I am unsure where we can purchase it from?”

In light of this there were no companies manufacturing charred cladding projects in the UK so after some initial trials and also many months… As a result Shou Sugi Ban® was born.

English Oak Shou Sugi Ban®

Why we used English Oak –

To match within the Architects design-style the choice to use English Oak; in an East meets West fusion of materials and processes. In addition English Oak Wire Brushed “Hokkaido” – 北海道 is now a main stay on the range of charred cladding products produced by Exterior Solutions Ltd. in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire where the team manufacture thousands of square metres of cladding products.

The designer said “I cannot believe how beautiful the staircase looks; the aged mahogany hand rail, wrought iron baluster and stone forms of the treads. All original and now balanced with the new charred Oak wall covering”


Architect                     D-raw

Cladding                      Exterior Solutions Ltd.

Cladding completion     2010

English Oak Shou Sugi Ban®