Ipe hardwood decking in the UK has always been the mainstay of choice and represents durability and stability when designing a decking platform.

The longevity’s brought about by the natural durability of this superior hardwood from Brazil. It grows incredibly slowly and has a lifespan which far surpasses many similar timbers. Tabebuia Serratifolia, the Latin name for this magnificent timber; although, has many names around the world, best known as Ipe.

Furthermore, this Ipe decking has been designed in a contemporary manner to wrap the perimeter of this stand-alone building which houses a swimming pool and spa.

Described by the Commission for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) as “a valuable contribution to the renewal of architecture within the countryside, this indoor swimming pool and spa within the grounds of a Grade II* listed rectory brought bold, contemporary design sensitively into a historic, rural setting.”

A curved aluminium roof flows over the pool on minimal steel pillars and arching glulam beams. Its curved form presents the feeling of height inside while reducing the visible elevation of the building from the outside.

Karl Harrison said “I have specified and designed with Ipe for years, it does demand specialist trades-persons to install complex projects due to the density and awkward workability of this magnificent timber”

Exterior Solutions has been supplying many decking products in composite, hardwood and modified timber such as Accoya ® and Kebony ®. The revolution of decking has been driven through constant updating and research of the very best ways to install decking by Exterpark. Exterpark decking systems are distributed in the UK through Exterior Solutions Ltd (since 2003).

Exterpark Magnet is the most revolutionary decking system available. Conforming to the NHBC 60 code of practice. This system is specified around the world as the best decking solution there is.

Accoya®, Kebony®, Teak, Ipe, Iroko, Thermo Ash are some of the decking timber available. All fitted over specialist aluminium joists and fitted with invisible clips. This system is the most durable and certainly the fastest installation you’ll see.

Credits and Further information

Architect AROS Architects
Location East Sussex
Client Private
Material Exterpark Ipe Hardwood Decking