With such a wide variety of charred cladding available, it can become difficult when choosing which one is right for you. From different types of wood, patina and choice of colour (to name a few) the world of charred wood can be a little overwhelming.

So, we thought we would give you a hand by sharing our top 5 charred cladding ideas.

1) Enhanced grain and light brushed flat sawn cedar cladding (Yama Yakisugi / Kyōka Sa Reta Kokumotsu) used in a beautiful garden

Enhanced grain cedar cladding used in a contemporary garden

This stunning garden was designed by Hannah Collins Garden Design. She decided to use the enhanced grain cedar cladding alongside light brushed flat sawn cedar so she could combine the warmth of the wood to add depth into the contemporary design.

The charred timber has character and I wanted that to add life to the design.

The kitchen, pergola and bench were all clad with Yama Yakisugi light brushed flat sawn cedar and the bench was made from Kyōka Sa Reta Kokumotsu enhanced grain boards to add a little bit of contrast.

We think you will agree that the charred wood combined with the cool tones of the stones used work wonderfully together.

2) Clear charred cedar cladding (Dentō Yakisugi) used on a garden gym.

charred cedar cladding used on a garden gym

This beautiful garden gym was designed by EASTWEST Architecture. They opted to use clear charred cedar cladding as its sheer black colour allowed the structure to sit beautifully in the back of the customer’s garden.

Inspect the timber closely – a rustic charm is soon realised.

The door has been expertly designed to be hidden away neatly within the cladding. This makes the structure dark, mysterious and intriguing, especially when juxtaposed with the contemporary interior.

The pitch-black colour of the cladding will make a statement in any garden, but especially so within a heavily planted one as the green will allow the black to stand out even more.

3) Enhanced grain charred kebony cladding (Hijō Ni Mirikiteki Na) used on a beautiful house in Hampstead

enhanced grain charred Kebony cladding used on a house in London

This beautiful London house was designed by Claridge Architects. They decided to use enhanced grain charred kebony cladding in a ‘pre-aged’ grey colour in thin strips. Due to the exact specification of the cladding, the waste incurred was almost non-existent.

It’s wonderful to see a traditional material used in a contemporary way whilst also being sustainable.

Kebony is a fantastic choice of sustainable wood and in fact, won the 2018 Surface Design Award for ‘Housing Sustainable Surface’ and has been in the top 100 for 7 years in a row in the ‘Global CleanTech 100’.

It’s a popular choice of cladding and we think you can see why.

4) Light brushed charred larch cladding (Koshikijima) used on a house extension

Charred larch cladding used on a house extension

This beautiful extension has been designed by Conibere Phillips Architects. They decided to use light brushed charred larch cladding to allow the extension to merge in perfectly with the stunning mature garden that the owner has worked so hard at.

I love the contrast between the black sheer of the façade against the Western Red Cedar trellis.

The design that went into this project is well thought out and calculated. Lots of care and consideration allowed for this project to be completely bespoke for this customer; The cladding expertly hid the guttering and downpipe, an exterior tap was able to be fitted and even a cat flap was able to be installed!

5) James Lathams Yūkari cladding (Ogawa) used in a beautiful garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Yukari cladding used at the Chealsea flower show

This stunning garden installation was designed by Sarah Naybour for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. She opted to use James Lathams Yūkari cladding due to its beautiful charred texture and dark charred colour.

Early morning shadows of Hydra cast onto the Yūkari cladding was just beautiful.

By using this extreme dark colour of cladding allowed for the wonderful sculptures by David Harber to really stand out. It created a beautiful backdrop and pushed the plants into the foreground to show off their true potential.

We love this cladding and if you have a heavily planted garden, this could be the perfect choice for you to really make your plants pop!

We hope you found this post helpful. If you have comments or queries about charred cladding, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below or contact us directly.